Here's How You Can FAKE 1000HP On A Dyno (With A BONE STOCK Car)

11 dec 2020
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Today, Jared shows how to cheat on a dyno to get 1000 horsepower on a stock car.
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  • Lol also one of my dream cars hopefully one day ill find one but this is very very funny XD great way to get a smile

    LimitingHaloLimitingHalo5 dagar sedan
  • 👍👋👋👋😁

    James WeaverJames WeaverMånad sedan
  • just has lotus elise chillin in the back like it’s no big deal

    Lo FiLo FiMånad sedan
  • so all the broke wannabe racecar driving guys are here eh? me too.

    parkerbethkeparkerbethkeMånad sedan
  • Need some more videos boys . Honda rousy needs more love

    Joey DawsonJoey DawsonMånad sedan
  • A month since a video? WTF even sub to this channel?

    S. HS. HMånad sedan
  • Hey Jared, what is the official colour and paint code of the Supra?

    Shaun PCShaun PCMånad sedan
  • proof supras make 1000hp stock

    jeff 775jeff 775Månad sedan
  • Can you post on Rubmle because I am leaving Google/SEworld because of their censorship

    Steve MontgomerySteve MontgomeryMånad sedan
  • XD rich didnt get the ad

    katana-killerkatana-killerMånad sedan
  • Hi Jared! That was so fun messing with Tavarish. I learned a bunch about dyno testing and loved the way you produce your videos. I found myself taking notes on what to do with mine to make them better. Also your dog is super cool! Thank you for posting. -Steve

    Project WeltSpeedProject WeltSpeedMånad sedan
  • Videos other then stupid ass car trek coming soon?

    S. HS. HMånad sedan
  • New videos anytime soon?!

    EfrmLV 702EfrmLV 702Månad sedan
  • My twin turbo r looks almost exactly the same as yours

    captain communismcaptain communismMånad sedan
  • Here in Germany we have a guy who can calculate your cars power by your dragy times/ mostly by the time you can do 180 to 190kmh/ 110to 116mph and some other factors like (obviously) the weight of your car or the slope angle. The impressive this is, though, that he is always within like 5hp of the actual power number..and sometimes people say that he's more accurate than many dynos 😂 Really impressive guy.

    DasEnkDasEnkMånad sedan
  • Someone finally did a video on this!! Thank you so much!

    Pure Evil GamingPure Evil GamingMånad sedan
  • Man, this guys is calling you guys out. And then there's that flex with the sponsor part... I'm definitely subscribing. I wish I found this channel sooner Edit. It gets better the more I watch!

    Allyn RasmusenAllyn RasmusenMånad sedan
  • how do u remove that speed limiter?

    Loaded Play'sLoaded Play'sMånad sedan
  • I appreciate the explanation on how a dyno works. I have always wondered. I knew hp a measurement of amount of work done over an amount of time. I didn’t know they were using weighted drums as the work to be done

    Noah FiegelNoah FiegelMånad sedan
  • Just change the html code wym

    Tyler 660Tyler 660Månad sedan
  • Wrench Everyday help Leena make Bertha whole again.

    Chopper MarcChopper MarcMånad sedan
  • “Here’s how to fake 1000hp with a bone stock car” insert 97 honda civic bois

    GlockopusGlockopusMånad sedan
  • Why would you even want to fake that

    Devin VanvlietDevin VanvlietMånad sedan
  • Without doing the dyno, you know the "max value" of those old Japanese cars, and it's 280, because well.... It was limited at thas power ^^ Of course, if it's stock :P

    RexeitRexeitMånad sedan
  • Is that a supra

    Drake BrownDrake BrownMånad sedan
  • Can we make my car say 5 dollars worth of power? Call it the 5dp. Yep I know how that came out as well.

    Ryan BishopRyan BishopMånad sedan
  • Best of 2021!! ✌️

    First PrototypeFirst PrototypeMånad sedan
  • People think about faking your own numbers to brag,but I think about how many tuning shops with dynos might have lied

    Castrav EleuteriusCastrav EleuteriusMånad sedan
  • so every Supra is lying? 🤣

    DFB58DFB58Månad sedan
  • Very cool to know this stuff

    juSTIn TurnerjuSTIn TurnerMånad sedan
  • My favourite part is the fact that Jared is such a stand-up guy that he spills the beans almost immediately. I mean... Tavarish knew. But still.

    mrkazmanmrkazmanMånad sedan
  • 12:58 if you want to cut to the chase

    tonytobertonytoberMånad sedan
  • Are you also a NJ native 🤔 made me so proud to be from NJ watching tavarish 😂

    Robert SteffanRobert SteffanMånad sedan
  • This is good

    BIT BreedInzeTbaarBIT BreedInzeTbaarMånad sedan
  • not a peer viewer, still love the clip with the dog XD

    JustAlex202JustAlex202Månad sedan
  • Good video dude.😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum BurtonMånad sedan
  • and this dude just started a new method of scamming people.

    KlajdKlajdMånad sedan

    Marvin VillaltaMarvin VillaltaMånad sedan
  • Jared what color is your supra? Is it black? Deep blue? Or a Dark green? Im seeing hints of green. I need the color code lol. Keep up the good work. From a fellow mk3 supra owner

    1jz REMY1jz REMYMånad sedan
    • It is the factory Dark Green Mica, only on the twin turbo r.

      Wrench Every DayWrench Every DayMånad sedan
  • what about tuning shops making the dyno show less power? Is that a thing? Asking because I dynoed my car at 370hp, later I bought a new ECU with a different tune, took my car to a totally different dyno because its closer and cheaper, they showed 305hp, I put the old ECU in to double check and it was 317hp.

    Nerevar22gNerevar22gMånad sedan
  • Jared needs his own channel I prefer watching him at site B

    smokeydbobsmokeydbobMånad sedan
  • Reminds me of that old dude that wanted to race Cleetus in Leroy with his "1500hp tune" Porsche

    NickZeroNickZeroMånad sedan
  • Explanation of Eddie current from ElectroBOOM if someone is interested:

    Holzwurm _HDHolzwurm _HDMånad sedan
  • This is exactly why I always go with the lowest dyno numbers and then usually take another 10% off. It's amazing how many 1,000whp cars I've beat in my 500whp civic. Or my 900whp mustang vs 1,500whp anything else lol.

    Brent HodgesBrent HodgesMånad sedan
  • Who in your opinion is fudging dyno number's?

    WolfWolfMånad sedan
  • Did the race ever happen I can’t find it

    TorontoSupraManTorontoSupraManMånad sedan
  • I'm surprised tavarish didn't tell you how much he paid for the phone call

    MaNNeRz LagunaMaNNeRz LagunaMånad sedan
  • Holy F this guy can win a staring contest!!

    Joseph SanchezJoseph SanchezMånad sedan
  • There's a shop in Portland Oregon that's notorious for doing this. Their dyno consistently puts out numbers 100hp more than any other dyno in Oregon. Lol

    Josiah HeinJosiah HeinMånad sedan
  • Whaaat!!! I didn't know you were into MK3's!!! I will be following this channel much closer now!

    Josiah HeinJosiah HeinMånad sedan
  • All 43 dislikes are the supra fan boys XD

    Aaron ChadwickAaron ChadwickMånad sedan
  • It's not new to us in Europe.. An identical car with the exact same mods makes 25% more power in the USA. It's hilarious

    rasch19785rasch19785Månad sedan
  • Another way you can measure power at the wheels is by turning an electric motor as a generator with a known load attatched and measuring the electrical power output, but I have never seen a shop do it that way. It IS however I verify the output of generators when I buy/resell them. 1 Horse power is about 745 watts, and yes Watts are a unit of general power not just electrical power.

    Pegasi IncorporatedPegasi IncorporatedMånad sedan
  • at 5psia that is roughly 42,000 feet of altitude.... I don't see anything wrong with that.

    TylerTylerMånad sedan
  • I worked 7 years for Chrysler back in 1998 -2005, and i was told you can fake a chassi dyno numbers. Now I know how you do it, great video thanks.

    Swedes GarageSwedes GarageMånad sedan
  • watched a video for knowledge, comenting for the dogo

    Klemen KekecKlemen KekecMånad sedan
  • Did you teach this trick to the SSC Tuatara team? 🤣

    Steve FSteve FMånad sedan
  • snip the pink wire on the 1jz ecu! removes the speed limiter. cant remember the pin number though

    BillybobBillybobMånad sedan
  • A guy one of my friends knew had a little tuning shop with a dyno. We were all in a bar one night and started chatting about funny story's from what each of us did for a living. He mention that he get's sick of the ricer kids that come in after fitting some "Guarantied 50+ extra BHP" piece of plastic Chinese tat to their car, then act like it was his fault when they find that they're now actually down on power. He said that so many of that type of customer would get the results saying their heap was barely making the 140BHP it had from new and ask him if there was anything he could do to make it show that it was actually putting out a bit over 200? They'd say it was for blagging rights with friends, or some equally stupid reason. he did a handful of these inflated number sheets when he was just starting out, But he stopped after he saw a couple of these cars hitting eBay showing his doctored printouts as proof that the car was "Tuned" ! Last I heard, He'd sold the shop. Too many people would get pissed with him when he'd refuse to remap things like badly maintained 200+k mile totally standard and thoroughly clapped out golf turbo diesels that the owners wanted 80+bhp/100+Nm maps putting on. He'd explain that their car's engine wasn't in a fit state to take the power hike, And if he just did it and took their money they'd be back in a couple of months to complain that "his tune had blown up their car", But most customers didn't want to hear that, and you can only spend so much time every evening trawling the net to catch and correct the very vocal few he'd turned away who were now on forums saying that he was making up excuses that their perfect car was in fact broken, and he was obviously a faker who couldn't be trusted not to break your car if you were stupid enough to go to him ! He said that he was "Finding it increasingly hard not to punch certain types of customer squarely in the face, and not stop punching until they stopped twitching" !!!! So he felt it was time to call it a day and find something else to do (Heard he went on to setup a little courier company. Must be doing OK now everyone's shopping online !). It seems that whatever the industry, Some customers were always just born to be arseholes ! :D

    Reman1975Reman1975Månad sedan
  • Haha if you showed 500hp he would believe you much quicker 😂

    TurbochargedTurbochargedMånad sedan
  • 16:06 I was so worried it was going to eat that tarp sitting on the back >.< that would make one hell of a noise the roller chewing on that.

    Brenden RoughleyBrenden RoughleyMånad sedan
  • When is earl coming back

    zaid ansarizaid ansariMånad sedan
  • hey hey hey that bunch of scammers now trying to teach little kids how to be scammaz.

    Michael SimoneauMichael SimoneauMånad sedan
  • I have herd of some people saying that their cars didnt feel as powerful as the tune sheet said they had.

    DeathDealerHypeDeathDealerHypeMånad sedan
  • Use first gear. Video over I saved you 20 minutes

    Zac MalinowskiZac MalinowskiMånad sedan
  • First video I've ever watched of yours, got a like and a sub for the dog

    James CoyleJames CoyleMånad sedan
  • _'Jared' Shelby's taken a huge turn from faking numbers on the SSC Tuatara..._

    Blake NicholasBlake NicholasMånad sedan
  • I had a dyno shop give me fake dyno sheet about 15 years ago I think when I took in a 420a turbo eagle talon.The reason I beleive the dyno was faked was because I think the engine blew on the dyno and they didnt want too foot the bill so they printed out a fake sheet saying it made 182whp at 5 psi (stock was 110whp) the very first pull the car was slower then stock and smoking out the dipstick/oil cap from broken ring land and the smoke was coming out BEFDORE i did my first ever pull.when doing my first pull the car felt like a stock 420a eclipse/talon non turbo with turbo lag it sucked and I know they did me wrong.Luckily it was just a common 420a and they are filled with these engines at junkyards,wound up pulling a shortblock from a dodge neon that use the same block on half off day and had the car back up and running for about $150 after slapping my head on the new block including the new head bolts/gasket etc.after the new block the car pulled good for what it was.They did me wrong.

    Budget Boost DIYBudget Boost DIYMånad sedan
  • Just realised that Jared is on Wrench Every Day: subscribed! Safe greetings from Spain.

    APEX Marbella Property SpainAPEX Marbella Property SpainMånad sedan
  • brz mfs be happy

    Sed EmreSed EmreMånad sedan
  • Sounds like not a speed limiter... More like a boost cut or boost leak somewhere in the turbo piping system

    Amir PomenAmir PomenMånad sedan
  • Those 1000hp results are about as legit as the 2020 election

    Bigg GeeBigg GeeMånad sedan
  • what a lame excuse for a "result" from avalon.

    Brendan92298Brendan92298Månad sedan
  • Time to do this with my 90hp miata to prank my friends

    Darcy SimpsonDarcy SimpsonMånad sedan
  • Jared look at the lense not the screen lol

    phat56patphat56patMånad sedan
  • This is why nobody cares about HP numbers. Everyone I know asks for drag times or track times.

    SlideWideSlideWideMånad sedan
  • Really wanna know if horsepower can be changed by changing wheel size

    rallyman64rallyman64Månad sedan
  • You seem like a guy who actually knows what he's talking about, unlike most other yt car channels.

    deeiks12deeiks12Månad sedan
  • Apparently my stock honda civic makes 2000 hp I got it dinoed again it only makes 461 hp not 2000 that's good to hear I hate that number 2000 hp now that's funny do you know what goes in to a car to make 1000 or 500 hp a lot ha

    Justin BJustin BMånad sedan
  • the real question is why are you on ancient windows

    OnE gRuMpY bOiOnE gRuMpY bOiMånad sedan
  • I subscribed when u put the random doggo videos in😂

    Jay PatelJay PatelMånad sedan
  • Um. Doesnt every supra have a 1000 hp?

    D MooreD MooreMånad sedan
  • Having different weights on each side seems weird to me... shouldn't they be identical. Otherwise its gunna screw ur diff up.

    Coldoh86Coldoh86Månad sedan
    • if the rollers are connected together it should not matter and i believe they are connected in one big assembly.

      sFde46sFde46Månad sedan
  • venezuelan dominion dyno machines lol

    Edmond Pecot Jr.Edmond Pecot Jr.Månad sedan
  • idk why but you just make me happy with youre vibes keep going man

    The DatakingThe Dataking2 månader sedan
  • I've heard many stories online of Mustang dynos 'reading' high on the power and tq side and correction factors not being used correctly to make it seem better.

    Bryce NewsomeBryce Newsome2 månader sedan
  • And that's why some cars with high HP numbers fail to turn it to analogical good performance numbers. Great info in this video! Thanks Jared!

    giorx5giorx52 månader sedan
  • Another easy thing shops will do is use STD to make you feel good. Make them give you an SAE readout, it's going to be lower. Also, if all their dynos are STD, you should probably go somewhere else because they're doing it to make their readings look better.

    rustler08rustler082 månader sedan
  • How to be a poser with power? Why does power matter it should be the feel of the car and the build itself

    Freddy RamsdenFreddy Ramsden2 månader sedan
  • wow that dyno is just a big alternator

    8alakai88alakai82 månader sedan
  • 1jz no shit

    S BaykoS Bayko2 månader sedan
  • Why the f*ck am I not subscribed I know for a fact I subscribed a long time ago.

    Austin SmileyAustin Smiley2 månader sedan
  • Jared and Tavarish do make me wanna be a mechanic

    lars van veenlars van veen2 månader sedan
  • Why the f... is this dyno correcting the Power based on Airpressure? That funktion is just stupid! If you dynoing on mount everest, and your engine produces just a quarter of its power, so be it!!!! Thats for idiots that just want to see the highest number possible, and not get called cheters! "It´s not cheating, it´s correction!" 🤦‍♂️

    Martin LMartin L2 månader sedan
  • Your supra is better than freddys

    Astle TruscottAstle Truscott2 månader sedan
  • Cheating dyno results is like lying to a chick about the size of your dingus cuz you think its gonna get you in there. once everyone knows what you really got you're not gonna get what you were after and you're only gonna embarrass yourself.

    Swug JugSwug Jug2 månader sedan
  • And when he does it looks forced lol

    George RodriguezGeorge Rodriguez2 månader sedan
  • Jared doesn't blink!!!!

    George RodriguezGeorge Rodriguez2 månader sedan
  • That lotus is super cool

    senior prospectus2016senior prospectus20162 månader sedan
  • Seems like a lot of shops in America are using these tactics lol.

    Ben WardBen Ward2 månader sedan