I Bought A 220,000 Mile, 450HP Lexus IS-F - 3 Year UPDATE! (And Our NEW Project Cars REVEALED!)

15 jan 2021
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    Wrench Every DayWrench Every DayMånad sedan
    • Get a new Exhaust System

      AND1THEONEAND1THEONE8 dagar sedan
    • supercharge it

      peterx213peterx213Månad sedan
    • Raid Shadow Legends themselves couldn't even afford to pay me enough to touch that game.....

      Tiny StarTiny StarMånad sedan
    • What happened to earl leaker? Commented too earl-y.

      Akun duuniAkun duuniMånad sedan
    • I think y’all bought my isf that I crashed

      Judah SoyonovJudah SoyonovMånad sedan
  • Nice Toyota stick a super charger on it shame about the shilling for a lame pay to win mobile game!

    Callum BushCallum Bush2 dagar sedan
  • ok,...i'll say it... RAID SUCKS.

    Roller DragonRoller Dragon6 dagar sedan
  • rebuild the the mechanical parts everything

    Darren DiazDarren Diaz6 dagar sedan
  • And... you just lost my subscription, Jared. I'm done seeing these Raid Gambling Mechanic Legends ads.

    iRdMooseiRdMoose9 dagar sedan
  • Transition was great

    Mike ChaterMike Chater9 dagar sedan
  • bring back the SC content!

    alex falex f9 dagar sedan
  • I think you should make a naturally aspirated build with the IS-F, i think it would be more reliable and a lot of fun to see!! Because there are a lot of turbo and supercharger builds out there and NA don't get the love that it deserves

    Murilo HarthmannMurilo Harthmann11 dagar sedan
  • Jared!!

    TheBlackestBrianTheBlackestBrian13 dagar sedan
  • Soooo...I would really love to see someone drop an LS engine...if possible...into a SMART car and turn it into a dune buggy!!! I think it would be hilarious but I think it would be actually pretty awesome to drive as well!!! Lol...Mario Cart style! PLEASE MAKE!

    Midnight ManMidnight Man14 dagar sedan
  • Love the video and the ISF story but please wipe and clean your windows next time. It would make for an even better video

    Aree SaidAree Said17 dagar sedan
  • Where did they go no more videos??

    Matthew hoffmanMatthew hoffman17 dagar sedan
  • I miss watching your videos every week.

    Revamp Motors by R.J. DavenportRevamp Motors by R.J. Davenport19 dagar sedan
  • Turbo it fosho thatd be dope use the orange virus to tune it

    Johnny ZachryJohnny Zachry19 dagar sedan
  • Why don't you do live stuff so we can interact with you guys have great minds working together

    jefffowlerrjefffowlerr21 dag sedan
  • Supercharge the ISF for sure 👍 👌

    jefffowlerrjefffowlerr21 dag sedan
  • Keep it all motor

    sunnohhsunnohh22 dagar sedan
  • Still waiting on the SC

    Aleph NullAleph Null23 dagar sedan
  • Build better not faster lol, keep doing what y'all are doing

    Javier ChirinosJavier Chirinos25 dagar sedan
  • leave it alone....enjoy it

    Master Baby YodaMaster Baby Yoda26 dagar sedan
  • Tavarish u need some chapsticks brotha

    Ocean ZhuOcean Zhu26 dagar sedan
  • A small supercharger or pro charger make like another 75-100 wheel... and a cam

    clint Millerclint Miller26 dagar sedan
  • Yeah do the Scout!

    Blake BarrettBlake Barrett26 dagar sedan
  • Keep her as she is... see how long she goes. Just upgrade her parts as she goes.. like the millennium falcon. As for the lexes..

    Ernest StricklandErnest Strickland26 dagar sedan
  • Hey Jared, I just purchased a 48k miles 09 Lexus ISF with PPE headers, a JoeZ exhaust, and a Takeada cold air intake. I saw RR racing has a tune available for the car that adds around 40 hp/40 torques, but I am afraid it will affect the reliability of the car. I don't track it, I just enjoy it as a daily and floor it once in a while. Could you share some of your thoughts on how the tune might ultimately affect the reliability of the car a few years/50k miles down the road?

    OmgWtfGtf0OmgWtfGtf027 dagar sedan
  • Freddy,have you been on the face bleach and hair dye? P.S...where Jared at?

    Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. 19Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. 1927 dagar sedan
  • Turbo!!!!!!!

    Fine Exotic Whipz FEWFine Exotic Whipz FEW27 dagar sedan
  • Manual conversion

    Kim Song NgKim Song Ng27 dagar sedan
  • Are there any better cams for that car? Would be sweet as an all motor v8 sedan still just rowdier

    Christopher JacksonChristopher Jackson27 dagar sedan
  • Compound charge it and be a real boss.

    IL ProfessoreIL Professore27 dagar sedan
  • OEM+ inside and out with a supercharger, for sure!

    Will M.Will M.27 dagar sedan
  • i was gonna say find an sc400 and boost the 1uz, but the isf swap would be sick .

    im Schwaggyim Schwaggy28 dagar sedan
  • supercharge it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im Schwaggyim Schwaggy28 dagar sedan
  • Cummins swap the scout

    James RoseJames Rose28 dagar sedan
  • Supercharger with a standalone!

    le randumle randum29 dagar sedan
  • You're way better than Tavarish just wanted you to know

    Travyn PolancoTravyn Polanco29 dagar sedan
  • I think you should modd the heck out of it and make it faster than tavarish's lexus

    Yousuf KothawalaYousuf Kothawala29 dagar sedan
  • Way to switch the rules of a challenge tavarish. 👍

    1wcatalan1wcatalanMånad sedan
  • Jared: "Maybe at 220,000 miles you may not want to start modifying things..." Me: with my 20 year old 220,000 mile shit box hooking up a nitrous system.... "Oops"

    CrazyAssPotterCrazyAssPotterMånad sedan
  • I say you supercharged the is-f

    Joe schmoeJoe schmoeMånad sedan
  • Really really wanna beat Jared... proceeds to lay out his build idea on youtube in a channel that he shares with Jared. hmmm

    Gian LouridoGian LouridoMånad sedan
  • Supercharge it 👌👌👌

    Thesupra996Thesupra996Månad sedan
  • Scout stuff would be awesome! A lot of IH fans out here. Definitely would be different.

    Matt FritchMatt FritchMånad sedan
  • Huge fan of your channel and your down to the earth approach to you builds. Any chance you are selling the Scout?

    Juan Carlos Jimenez ArochoJuan Carlos Jimenez ArochoMånad sedan
  • You are awesome.....Enjoy all the good things comming your way.

    Chris PietrzakChris PietrzakMånad sedan
  • Now this may be a bit much, but I always thought to put Darton MID sleeves in and I'll the displacement with all forged components and leaving it naturally aspirated. Upgrade the differential and transmission.

    madman9515madman9515Månad sedan
  • RR Racing supercharger kit

    OmakOmakMånad sedan
  • Super Charger and Cooler, or get it to 1,000 HP

    Joseph KadilisJoseph KadilisMånad sedan
  • Do you guys have plans to build something for 24h of LeMons and go racing in it? :)

    Jakob GajšekJakob GajšekMånad sedan
  • Finish the McLaren!

    TerribleFireTerribleFireMånad sedan
  • I need a ISF

    Toyota4LifeToyota4LifeMånad sedan
  • While doing the mentioned LSD install, consider a IS350 ('06+) ring and pinion for a 4.09 rear gear swap. Limits top speed, sure; but the added benefits of the lower-end makes up for it!

    Daniel NicholsonDaniel NicholsonMånad sedan

    Jensen and VanessaJensen and VanessaMånad sedan
  • Scout Scout Scout Scout

    Jake BattlesJake BattlesMånad sedan
  • I want to know whats happening with the Ferrari 355? This channel seems to do things in fits and starts! There will be a load of videos all of a sudden and then nothing for ages!

    Puggzy MalonePuggzy MaloneMånad sedan
  • Finally something worth watching an sc f

    raakesh persaudraakesh persaudMånad sedan
  • I don't get how this channel is only at 240K subs. Great content and easy watching.

    Joe GineseJoe GineseMånad sedan
  • Supercharge and custom intercool it!

    Eric BaileyEric BaileyMånad sedan
  • Man I really want to buy one of these and build it. If you do a build video then that would be amazing.

    Dylan WilsonDylan WilsonMånad sedan
  • LEXUS ISF 👍😊

    キー坊、趣味の部屋キー坊、趣味の部屋Månad sedan
  • Make it scream with those loud ass intake thingies and a supercharger

    Eric O'SheaEric O'SheaMånad sedan
  • Supercharge the IS-F please!!!!!

    Justin LapointeJustin LapointeMånad sedan
  • Supercharger!

    Adam GrahamAdam GrahamMånad sedan
  • you should update the looks of the IS-F like the headlights.

    Cesar GonzalezCesar GonzalezMånad sedan
  • ISF needs heads/cam first, maybe injectors, homegrown porting

    Stephen StevensStephen StevensMånad sedan
  • For some reason I do believe that Jared did try and play his ads.

    P dP dMånad sedan
  • You could throw nos at it

    WishUPONa BentleyWishUPONa BentleyMånad sedan
  • Supercharge it bc its broken in! You'll get some many views

    Justin HJustin HMånad sedan
  • Supercharger! And then go for a long road trip! See if the engine is built like a tank!

    Brian NguyenBrian NguyenMånad sedan
  • Love the IS-F and I've always enjoyed the rally video on tavarish channel. I've got an 08 in Missouri that I bought back from copart that's been sitting in my garage for a few years now. Perfect project car 🚙 💨

    arrowhead hunterarrowhead hunterMånad sedan
  • I'm absolutely dying to see some type of build on the '71 Scout.

    jamesisaphotographerjamesisaphotographerMånad sedan
  • They getting rare

    john john doejohn john doeMånad sedan
  • do the "snatch"-transistion next time ;-)

    Anders Christian Hald PedersenAnders Christian Hald PedersenMånad sedan
  • 16:01..... ?!?! something's going to happen, we've been waiting for years.....

    Stéphane VStéphane VMånad sedan
  • keep it stock or if getting itchy, SUPERCHARGER !!! all the way

    Ron 25 -Ron 25 -Månad sedan
  • Put is-f in the million mile lexus

    kleemanjadkleemanjadMånad sedan
  • Are you driving round in circles? Going past the exact same house at 0.50 as 6:26........

    Alan SaltAlan SaltMånad sedan
  • Tfw you were hoping the 2jz GE was gonna get the shine it deserves.

    joeycrowjoeycrowMånad sedan
  • Do an N/A build, bore it out, cams, ports heads and intake, bigger injectors and tune it for all that. Make it better, but keep it N/A.

    gereshiftersgereshiftersMånad sedan
  • I thought you (edit: Tavarish) were leading into a reveal of a 90's Supra.

    David HolmDavid HolmMånad sedan
  • Leave the engine alone...tweak the suspension

    Eric BrondykeEric BrondykeMånad sedan
  • Supercharger! Supercharger!

    Malcolm RowleyMalcolm RowleyMånad sedan
  • less talk, more work!

    specialK206specialK206Månad sedan
  • do you have the florida shop number the working project on the nissan 300zx

    Reggy ForestReggy ForestMånad sedan
  • Leave it alone and do challenges

    FinestFinestMånad sedan
  • Every time I here raid shadow..... I can't get Simon w out of my head

    68jacen68jacenMånad sedan
  • SC F sounds nice. bodywork gills and stacked exhaust.

    J BettisJ BettisMånad sedan
  • Supercharger and replace all suspension components and any remaining wear and tear parts and do another 220000 miles.. break it in a little bit more

    RomanLothar1986RomanLothar1986Månad sedan
  • Keep it NA and go with a set of ITBs. That would look and sound amazing!

    Marc RainsMarc RainsMånad sedan
  • new 2021 Spindle Front bumper?

    J BettisJ BettisMånad sedan
  • Touchscreen update. New door panels if they haven't been replaced by Lexus warranty enhancement.

    J BettisJ BettisMånad sedan
  • Supercharger

    Alex LopezAlex LopezMånad sedan
  • supercharger would be cool

    AngeloAngeloMånad sedan
  • Time to unsubscribe.

    T CT CMånad sedan
  • Lol, RRracing supercharger is the next logical step!

    ThisnameislessembarassingThisnameislessembarassingMånad sedan
  • Isf twen turbo

    omair Murshadomair MurshadMånad sedan
  • This is just getting silly... A Tavarish, clean your damn teeth man, trying to eat my breakfast here... jeez ;)

    Eduard PortonEduard PortonMånad sedan
  • IS-F's have really gone up in price here in Aus due to COVID-19... My brother got a screamer of a deal earlier in the year and picked up a 2010 model (has an LSD) with the valley plate mod done, a stainless exhaust and RR Racing bushes. Paid $32k AUD. Cheapest one now is $38k AUD and it's a 2008 model with no LSD.

    jrbuchjrbuchMånad sedan
  • Ok.... a SC to a IS-F...dude, very sick ! I want to drive it ! That will be INSANE ! Very freaking sick ! :) Been driving LS400, 430, LS6460's now for 20ish year now... Love the cars, would never drive anything else... My 2014 LS460 360hp(AWD model), love it... Thanks for the channel ! Total sleepers...

    TheCoolDaveTheCoolDaveMånad sedan
  • first of all do not molest a poor ISF and jank it onto a SC300, that kinda project is unrealistic. And also please finish up some other projects first

    clonetrooper576clonetrooper576Månad sedan