Here's What A 450+HP Lexus IS-F Engine Looks Like After 220,000+ Miles (Driven HARD)

19 okt 2020
369 695 visningar

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Today, Jared tears apart his 2008 Lexus IS-F to find that some things are a little less than ideal. Time to fix it!
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  • Looked like spaghetti in there

    Daniel PolendoDaniel PolendoDag sedan
  • Detroit Axle parts. Ew

    ABeans07ABeans072 dagar sedan
  • My Lexus IS350's Engine just went out at 220k Miles, think the Previous Owner didn't take care of it. Had it for a about 7-8 months and always did oil Changes every 3k miles with Castrol GTX High Mileage Oil & Toyota Oil Filter. She just started Knocking, so now I'm saving. The saddest start of a Year for me in my 21 Years of Life 😪

    Sinfully Quick MotorsSinfully Quick Motors2 dagar sedan
  • We need to get you a headlamp. Glad your making these

    LiquidRetroLiquidRetro3 dagar sedan
  • Do you have the rr racing headers?

    Miles JantziMiles Jantzi3 dagar sedan
  • Jared did you ever have an issue with the Valley Plate leak on this car?

    Terrance CollinsTerrance Collins4 dagar sedan
  • This channel has become Wrench Once Every Month

    For SakenFor Saken19 dagar sedan
  • Next time don’t put that dog in my face bruh

    Shavon KnightShavon Knight20 dagar sedan
  • The wheels gotta go.

    Cynical ChadCynical Chad23 dagar sedan
  • Is that the 2UR-GSE engine? How reliable is it?

    Donald J. TrumpDonald J. TrumpMånad sedan
    • INCREDIBLY reliable

  • Did you ever change transmission fluid?

    Amar GacanicaAmar GacanicaMånad sedan
    • at 60K miles fluid and filter

  • Dang I want one lol

    rambow70rambow70Månad sedan
  • Lexus/toyota are so good and reliable

    Nelson RamosNelson RamosMånad sedan
  • Hey Babe Im gonna go work on the car. When will I be back? When The UPS Man arrives tomorrow

    Kelly BurmanKelly BurmanMånad sedan
  • Cos I don't want to hug a hot engine. Gotta mash the Subscribe button for a channel with those pearls of wisdom. haha :)

    2of2DCH2of2DCHMånad sedan
  • Great video should also upload an educational video showing how and what is done and post a video similar to this for entertainment.

    KEVIN tboyKEVIN tboyMånad sedan
  • My Prelude has 100,000 miles more And also gets driven super hard. I expect the engine to look brand new, internally speaking. As long as properly maintained. I did replace, everything else, suspension, intake manifold, ac system, coolant system, bearings, shifter, and some interior things. Drives and feels like a new car though. 🙃

    Juan CJuan CMånad sedan
  • Really enjoy your videos!

    Diesel's GarageDiesel's GarageMånad sedan
  • ngl u look like u having so much fun putting in new parts in ur car dude. im a bit jealous.

    James ColemanJames ColemanMånad sedan
  • proper maintenance it should look great. Japanese v8

    E. SnowE. SnowMånad sedan
  • And this is why oil changes are so important.

    Paul HiranoPaul HiranoMånad sedan
  • That was pretty damn good. German can only dream about quality.

    Domingo De AndaDomingo De AndaMånad sedan
  • Olay what about the electrical like windows not going down, radio not working, etc. Lexus is notorious for this shit

    Luis VillaLuis VillaMånad sedan
  • ESPECIALLY. Not eCKspecially. Sorry. Pet peeve.

    Chris's FishesChris's FishesMånad sedan
  • That IS300 at 5:16 with the tube front looks exciting! Can we get content on that?

    wali rifaiwali rifaiMånad sedan
  • I wouldn’t mind if I had the opportunity to enter my PMC edition TLX into a rally.

    Khalil CoraKhalil CoraMånad sedan
  • Wait, I wanna be invited to a rally gt event????

    Marcus SavinaMarcus Savina2 månader sedan
  • What state are you located in

    Fabian TaffeFabian Taffe2 månader sedan
  • I wish he was my neighbor

    shmuck azoidshmuck azoid2 månader sedan
  • I also drive isf 2008 156.000km

    Waldemar SeibelWaldemar Seibel2 månader sedan
  • Hello from Germany Frankfurt. which engine oil do you put in?

    Waldemar SeibelWaldemar Seibel2 månader sedan
  • I have one rule. You've got a cute doggo, you get a like.

    Henry MHenry M2 månader sedan
  • The easiest maintenance, oil changes every 5,000.

    Night MaharNight Mahar2 månader sedan
  • Monday I go to buy one

    Rocco FellerRocco Feller2 månader sedan
  • Love the Pyrrha cam!!

    Shawn HuetterShawn Huetter2 månader sedan
  • just subscribed!

    Cristian RodriguezCristian Rodriguez2 månader sedan
  • Local 2008 ISF for sale at $28k with 65k miles. Will this hold it's value decently at this?

    Michael DayMichael Day2 månader sedan
  • did anyone notice how it's started ryt up with just a millisecond of a touch....... wow toyota all the way

    arafat chowdhuryarafat chowdhury2 månader sedan
  • What do you think about degreasing and power washing car engines?

    Ted PTed P2 månader sedan
  • 148 BMW owners

    need metalneed metal2 månader sedan
  • What is the name of thos ramps you use ?

    JoetheDesignerJoetheDesigner2 månader sedan
  • Fine Japanese machines, prefer Lexus over BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz

    Rodney FernandezRodney Fernandez3 månader sedan
  • My beemer didn't look that good at 220,000 miles...not at all

    Sewan & Sawen CreationsSewan & Sawen Creations3 månader sedan
  • Use pure 100% full synthetic motor oil and change it every 8K miles. My friends Honda Accord engine looked the same way at the 2nd timing belt change at 220K miles. He used Mobile 1, 5w30, changing at 8k miles.

    Stealth G35 InfinitiStealth G35 Infiniti3 månader sedan
  • Got those gaskets fixed for 1300 bucks :(

    Don YanDon Yan3 månader sedan
  • I love my ISF.

    Don YanDon Yan3 månader sedan
  • God a mad nice shop... and still works on cardboard on the floor .... old habits die hard

    tjlovesracheltjlovesrachel3 månader sedan
  • This guy has crazy eyes

    Scotty secretly loves ChryslersScotty secretly loves Chryslers3 månader sedan
  • Where can I find the pro force front wheel bearings

    Colby C.Colby C.3 månader sedan
  • Got a video on that blue is300?

    Kyle HKyle H3 månader sedan
  • What’s the part number on that HPFP Seal?

    Alex ReyesAlex Reyes3 månader sedan
  • should have just lightly tapped the bottom of the sensor with a punch, its what i do every time i encounter a stuck sensro on wheel bearings works every time i never had a issue removing a wheel speed sensor in my 15+ years as a tech

    ScypherothScypheroth3 månader sedan
  • Recently bought a mint condition 2011 IS250 with about 50,000 miles on the clock. About half the engine as the legendary IS-F, but still a nice driving car.

    Martin LiehsMartin Liehs3 månader sedan
  • Anyone else notice that sweet Lotus? Jared has a ton of interesting cars, don't he.

    Shark FangShark Fang3 månader sedan
  • I wouldn't steer too much away from toyota parts bearings especially, there is so much shite and counterfitted shite out there that the savings don't make that much sense when you lay the rate of early failure and catastrophic failures

    Cut de Pie FailsCut de Pie Fails3 månader sedan
  • I think after I pay off my is250 the ISF is gonna be my next purchase.

    William RobinsonWilliam Robinson3 månader sedan
  • Good ol Toyota

    Randall LawkinRandall Lawkin3 månader sedan
  • 😂😂 Loved the running commentary and delivery.

    TheGreenDoor MXTheGreenDoor MX3 månader sedan
  • Sweet video!! Been looking at a sporty daily to compliment my lifted LX470 and the ISF has been a top pick! Can’t wait to pick one up.

    Smitty SchmitzSmitty Schmitz3 månader sedan
  • I’m definitely buying a GS-F. The thought of a Japanese v8 is just so appealing to me

    Evan OukEvan Ouk3 månader sedan
  • @12:32 MK3 JZA70 I want i want I want It 😮🤯😵🥴🤓❤ lol, loved the ending, you didn't look silly 😂

    BjornFSEBjornFSE3 månader sedan
  • wow! i just spent 22 minuits watching a guy work on a lexus--and it was interesting-- good show

    john tjohn t3 månader sedan
  • Awesome presentation . I wish show us the cost of upgrade and modify dodge 1500 pickup . Thank you for these videos you rock man .

    ماجد Mماجد M3 månader sedan
  • I see that mark 3 supra !!! You should show us. :)

    Jonathan ManzoJonathan Manzo3 månader sedan
  • Dude im getting a cold start rattle for 2 seconds then it goes away and engine is very quick. Its a 2006 gs300 can you tell me whats wrong ?

    gunit 010gunit 0103 månader sedan
  • Please make a garage update! Seems like a lot change is going on. New lift in the background, disassembled, fewer cars and wait? Where's honda rousey?

    John DoeJohn Doe3 månader sedan
  • Best thing you can do for an engine is occasional spirited driving to heat the engine up. Heat is what burns off moisture in the oil, which then steam-cleans the internals.

    Hydrocarbon82Hydrocarbon823 månader sedan
  • Now tell us what juice was this beast drinking? And did you use to flush engine each now and then? Btw: I did a similar gasket job on my V6 3gr-fe (is300). Exactly same issue and had to change all these o-rings with the cover gasket.... nearly all 2nd gen IS will leak on you some time. It is fantastic that ISF waited on you all that distance.

    AliAli3 månader sedan
  • +10 points from me for the music

    Frugal OctopusFrugal Octopus3 månader sedan
  • This makes me feel all fuzzy inside as an '08 IS F owner

    ZarrexZarrex3 månader sedan
  • CLICK BAIT who gives a rats ass what the engine looks like

    Howard SwingHoward Swing3 månader sedan
  • What's your 0-60?

    Random StuffRandom Stuff3 månader sedan
  • What a smart purchase 👌🏼

    Anas NasirAnas Nasir3 månader sedan
  • I think I’ve had french fries that are less crunchy than those gaskets and seals.

    Dank MemerDank Memer3 månader sedan
  • Next: upgrading from those horrible Pep Boys rims.

    Edwin OrtizEdwin Ortiz3 månader sedan
  • Dayum my 98 ls400 has 180k and I thought it had a lot 😮

    FaZe DumbFaZe Dumb3 månader sedan
  • Mobil 1 synthetic or better keeps the engine clean like that with no sludge.

    spiculum1836spiculum18363 månader sedan
  • Mileage is just a number

    Derek DailyDerek Daily3 månader sedan
  • Wen u gonna finish up earl leaker!???

    koonhunter66koonhunter663 månader sedan
  • Was that a gs300 in the back?

    nolan mitchellnolan mitchell3 månader sedan
  • I appreciate the realistic "stuff doesn't always go perfectly" aspect of your video. Sucks you couldn't get it all done right then, but it's real life. Youre very knowledgeable and you explain it in way most people should be able to follow. Great video

    JDM EngineuityJDM Engineuity3 månader sedan
  • Can you drop the part number for all those gaskets? I got the same leak going on😰

    Daniel EstradaDaniel Estrada3 månader sedan
  • In need of a new episode please👍

    SteveO RulesSteveO Rules3 månader sedan
    • @Duane Harms Perfect, love it. My c6 z06 vette is expected to hit the dyno next month with almost 1200rwhp

      SteveO RulesSteveO Rules3 månader sedan
    • If you’re into dynos, you’ll love what’s coming up next :)

      Duane HarmsDuane Harms3 månader sedan
    • @Duane Harms Thank you sir👍✌

      SteveO RulesSteveO Rules3 månader sedan
    • It's on the way!

      Duane HarmsDuane Harms3 månader sedan
  • I love how the dog is working with you and checked if you put the brakes on correctly 👍

    NLKNLK3 månader sedan
  • You have my dream car!!! Can I have it please? Is it an Exige S? If so, where do you live? I'll drive there tomorrow! :) My dream car Exige S 260 blue would be amazing.

    CelicaAutocrosserCelicaAutocrosser3 månader sedan
  • Mix WS2 (tungsten disulfide) into bearing grease. Oil, too

    Feral ManFeral Man3 månader sedan
  • Hey I'm at 161k on my ISF got it at 98k last August 2019. At what point should I be concerned or change the timing chain tensioner?

    Kinetic Touch Medical MassageKinetic Touch Medical Massage3 månader sedan
  • Probably a coolant valley leak and that’s it on the ISF , super reliable

    Joseph MorenoJoseph Moreno3 månader sedan
  • I love my 1998 Lexus GS 400 V8 with 221000 miles. It's silver with chrome rims grey leather interior no rips leaks or rust and it drives like a new car. I'm never going to sell it.

    djbhedjbhe3 månader sedan
  • if this man says 220,00 one more time

    Owais BaigOwais Baig3 månader sedan
  • What oil do you use ? Is it The factory one ?

    Bo RazgaBo Razga3 månader sedan
  • Skip to 13:55 if you want to avoid stuff unrelated to the title.

    MKn MMKn M3 månader sedan
  • What oil have you been using?

    Jeff LeboJeff Lebo3 månader sedan
  • The dog was like 50 degrees for you! Have you seen my back hair 🥵

    OofOof3 månader sedan
  • I like this guy

    Am The ManAm The Man3 månader sedan
  • Cute white golden ! Hate changing a wheel bearing, since i don’t have a press tool, ended up changing a whole knuckle with new bearing on my 300k miles Lexus.

    Can MTBCan MTB3 månader sedan
  • I'am amazed how clean was that engine inside look like new its incredible, are you use longlife ? :P

    Sadlor82Sadlor823 månader sedan
  • Jared looks like a professional peeping tom

    George RodriguezGeorge Rodriguez3 månader sedan
  • Nothing like a real man who knows how to fix a car , your wife is bless 🤗👍 it's nothing like a Toyota product build to last a life time ☺️☺️😉

    Bubble GumBubble Gum3 månader sedan
  • His camera is Amazing

    DC DialDC Dial3 månader sedan