We Found Out How Much $$$ Our Old Engines Are Worth...So We Are Selling EVERYTHING! Who Wants Them?

17 feb 2021
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Today, we found out that our 1JZ and 2JZ engines were worth a little more than we thought, so we are SELLING THEM! Who wants first dibs?
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  • FM-R GT 90's coupe :)

    Evl SC400Evl SC4004 timmar sedan

    Matt SMatt S4 timmar sedan
  • Just finish something!!!!!!

    Dan PasillasDan Pasillas4 timmar sedan
  • I'll give you a dodge stealth with no motor and a trans with 65k miles with paper work from Chrysler on oil changes ect all dealer records. .

    Hunter TippettsHunter Tippetts6 timmar sedan
  • Awsome

    StogieStogie7 timmar sedan
  • Was that a Bugatti at the 5:50 mark??? In the background half covered up.

    Adam McAdam Mc8 timmar sedan
  • I think it’s amazing how you guys have become good friends

    dean callandean callan12 timmar sedan
  • I love the Great Pyrenees shirt! Just bought one. Thanks for supporting a great cause! River, my 100+ lbs Great Pyrenees, appreciates it!

    Joe PfauJoe Pfau22 timmar sedan
  • ill give you 2 dollars and 50 cents.

    tristen clarktristen clark23 timmar sedan
  • Can't get the shirts....website no worky.....

    Joe SweeneyJoe SweeneyDag sedan
  • Need an Earl Leaker shirt. Z32 fans would eat it up. Reminds us of the car lives we 300zx owners live.

    Steven WelbornSteven WelbornDag sedan
  • Finally! My country is getting famous. (13:52)

    Josef PavlátJosef PavlátDag sedan
  • I'm so happy you're in a place where you can put out more videos!

    Joey MJoey MDag sedan
  • I really thought you would have gone with a 1uz

    911delorean911deloreanDag sedan
  • Offer up has isf for sale check out the global listings

    PKpapa 2010PKpapa 2010Dag sedan
  • @adamlz @lzmfg

    PKpapa 2010PKpapa 2010Dag sedan
  • I literally wrench everyday, the timer knob of my microwave oven broke, and I turn the remaining metal rod with a wrench :p

    artoodiitooartoodiitooDag sedan
  • 4k? i remember when we could pick those engines for 800 at a junkyard.

    Thomas LaneThomas LaneDag sedan
  • Dude change the icon pic plz its not that attractive

    Vanshaj ThakranVanshaj ThakranDag sedan
  • Come on he's giving us trash!

    Lawrence EichLawrence EichDag sedan
  • Drag. Tavarish and J in a dress. That could interesting or scary!

    RetroBearRetroBear2 dagar sedan
  • So what’s happening with the Supra

    Fernando DorameFernando Dorame2 dagar sedan
  • Bent wrench like that .... taking off the twin turbos on that 1jz you would have in the sc300

    Lewis RadbournLewis Radbourn2 dagar sedan
  • Nice video. Can't wait to see the project!

    Kai PonteKai Ponte2 dagar sedan
  • I don't like it. You're basically making.....wait for it.....an SC400

    Jerrell RiceJerrell Rice2 dagar sedan
  • Tavarish abandons another project.

    A HueyA Huey2 dagar sedan
  • Damn. Who bought all 100 pieces? I was totally gonna order one.

    Tejas Auto Salon Jason W.Tejas Auto Salon Jason W.2 dagar sedan
  • Those 2 need a TV Show

    MadJamYTMadJamYT2 dagar sedan
  • Copart

    vivo ax1vivo ax12 dagar sedan
  • The only true way to test an engine is compression

    tunerimportstunerimports2 dagar sedan
  • Hey can ya get your dorito Ferrari going? That’s by far your best project because it triggers everyone...... but will chop everything

    Nathan FisherNathan Fisher2 dagar sedan
  • "Made in the Czech Republic" Every Czech person: "Hell yeah, we DO matter!"

    LORD LUKLORD LUK2 dagar sedan
  • Oh ISF

    joshua avilajoshua avila2 dagar sedan
  • Lexus content💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🔥🔥🔥the future classic JDM boy💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Rafaelito MercadoRafaelito Mercado2 dagar sedan
  • Pyrs are awesome polar bear doggos. 10/10 support this foundation.

    JustinJustin2 dagar sedan
  • any 2jz parts are really worth money. i still remember when you could get a 2jz out of a wrecked sc400 for cheap.

    m6a6t6tm6a6t6t2 dagar sedan
  • Why not look for an IS F on autotempest?

    Steven KistlerSteven Kistler3 dagar sedan
  • Great video, thank god for Jared. You guys should resto some old school motors out of the cuda s mustangs ect restomod is the way to go

    Nick CNick C3 dagar sedan
  • yall youtubers are getting ridiculous thinking people want signed pieces of your crap lmaoooo the world of youtube

    User AnonymousUser Anonymous3 dagar sedan
    • @Wrench Every Day I could imagine the customers that want signed pieces of an old car

      User AnonymousUser Anonymous11 timmar sedan
    • we sold out in the first few hours of the video posting

      Wrench Every DayWrench Every Day11 timmar sedan
  • i have a wrench very similar to that to adjust magneto timing on Beech Barons

    Eric LeeEric Lee3 dagar sedan
  • Black shirts matter

    r4diusr4dius3 dagar sedan
  • 1j, 2j asking price is just hilarious i de rather get a (haha thought ide tell u didnt u, how u think we got in this mess in the first place rofl)

    PhunkBustAPhunkBustA3 dagar sedan
  • If you go on a flowbench, it is not the best flowing head. It flows better in the mid range than the 2jz head, but less at top end.

    TheOysteiTheOystei3 dagar sedan
  • Still waiting for the manual swap Mercedes, I live in Straya and have a low mileage CLK430 that’s begging for stick shift. Mr. Pink, get that lil ol merc up on yer lil ol lift pronto amigo. Hell, it’s the reason I sub’d in the first place.

    osmosisbinlederhosenosmosisbinlederhosen3 dagar sedan
  • Copying cleetus McFarland much he just did same thing but with asphalt from freedom factory

    Mike crystal robertMike crystal robert3 dagar sedan
  • Neat show but who in the hell would want y'alls autograph on a piece of scrap metal? C'mon man.

    Jeffrey Loskoski llJeffrey Loskoski ll3 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/om_Rpp24lXt604k/video not sure still available

    Lance NgoLance Ngo3 dagar sedan
  • You guys are a match made in car heaven

    MR IslandtimeMR Islandtime3 dagar sedan
  • A Most Interesting Vlog !! well done Guy's !!

    clem christianclem christian3 dagar sedan
  • There is 4 2008 Lexus ISF up for auction in California. They are the base models

    Loren HiscuttLoren Hiscutt3 dagar sedan
  • My chunk of McLaren is on my desk.

    Brad KlingensmithBrad Klingensmith3 dagar sedan
  • Daaaaammmmnn I was getting excited when I thought you where putting a 1j is that sc300. I have a 94 sc400 with a 1j swap and s366 turbo. The swap was done close to 15 years ago, and it’s been sitting at my shop for like 10 of those years. I need to update it

    john burkejohn burke3 dagar sedan
  • jared your a legend such a humble nice guy

    Golf RGolf R4 dagar sedan
  • Have a great Pyrenees they are an absolutely wonderful animal. So patient and gentle for being a 120 pounds.

    Phil TrumblePhil Trumble4 dagar sedan
  • Great Pyrenees service dogs lol not really want you’d want in a service dog..very hard headed , very lovable ,but they are very protective and hard to train....being a DVET , GSD are so much better at it..

    mark immark im4 dagar sedan
  • So he wants to sell us a shirt about trash ,and then send us a piece of another mans trash in a box...lol

    mark immark im4 dagar sedan
  • Yeah seriously if you don't get a bite on that motor get ahold of AdamLZ

    Dave FromanDave Froman4 dagar sedan
  • Apollo happy Jared put Tav in check for saying the 1jz is just a 2jz but not as good. C'mon man, just build a 1,5jz! You have everything you needed ed to make the most power hungry motor with turbo charging reliability!! Bought ill gladly buy the 1jz long block😂

    Jacob ClayJacob Clay4 dagar sedan
  • Sooo Cleetus and Jackstand gave away parts of the Freedom Factory track to their viewers..very successful. WELL Jared and Tavarish Frederico gave away parts of the Lexus Bumper. to their viewers..VERY SUCCESSFUL then Hoovie and Wizard decide to give away their toenail clippings to their viewers.. cue the crickets

    Tripp RogersTripp Rogers4 dagar sedan
  • More info on 1JZ, is it front,mid,rear oil sump? What ecu/car is if off of?

    kyrptonitefusionkyrptonitefusion4 dagar sedan
  • Probably much cheaper and easier to swap a frankenstein 1uz head on a built stroker 2uz block with bolt ons for similar or better power.

    D RD R4 dagar sedan
  • Were the shop at located.?

    Will LópezWill López4 dagar sedan
  • v8 baby nice!

    GFG_BiggsGFG_Biggs5 dagar sedan
  • be a better channel if Tavarish went away forever

    Peter NessPeter Ness5 dagar sedan
    • @mbsnyderc he hasnt got IT ,what he does have is the ability to be annoying and the idea of him being funny is next to none

      Peter NessPeter Ness3 dagar sedan
    • No it wouldn't.

      mbsnydercmbsnyderc4 dagar sedan
  • 1JZ Z32 ? Hmmmm with shipping it’s probably not worth it for me

    Olivier BertrandOlivier Bertrand5 dagar sedan
  • I love ❤️ theses Videos But you call giving back to the people who support your channel. Giving away a piece of bumper. Cmon dude you got a That Lexus up there collecting more dust then my 89 year old grandmother’s prom dress and vehicles that haven’t probably been started in 3 months Give your viewers something they can appreciate

    Dennis MackDennis Mack5 dagar sedan
  • I was just about to stop watching , thinking Freddie was about to say ----“LS Swap it”? --- thank god you saw the light - ISF swap ! . Hey but I know how Jared loves the Lexus v8’s as do I. There is a guy in Australia here that has been wrecking an ISF and has the engine ,trans and loom etc for sale . Been trying for a year to sell it . I contemplated swapping it onto my is250C - too much of an unknown ,I thought .

    sitrucmitsitrucmit5 dagar sedan
  • So happy for you and tavarish on the maclaren. Congratulations guys

    gumpoylergumpoyler5 dagar sedan
  • Seams like a sc400 and turbo would get you 800ish hp. Lot less trouble

    Daniel TustisonDaniel Tustison5 dagar sedan
  • Really like the new format. You guys are fun to watch together. Thank you.

    HG BarnesHG Barnes5 dagar sedan
  • Love how you guys went through and show that the motor is good. Great piece of mind for the next owner.

    Bradley HarrelsonBradley Harrelson5 dagar sedan
  • just auction the engine and accessories on ebay

    mgsboedmisodpc2mgsboedmisodpc25 dagar sedan
  • is this a going out of business sale, you spent 23 minutes trying to sell a old crappy motor

    dangerangerdangeranger5 dagar sedan
  • 2GR twin turbo

    AE86 2jzAE86 2jz5 dagar sedan
  • Demo killing in the merch game

    matt bruggermatt brugger5 dagar sedan
  • Build a Isf to break the cannon ball speed record run. We had 4 Isf in a family circle now I'm the only one. Me my brother in-law then his brother had one and his brothers brother in-law had one. I always thought this car would be the perfect car to run the cannonbal run, great fuel milage with that 8 speed auto. Get Rrracing on board and supercharge her.

    Beasty18c5Beasty18c55 dagar sedan
  • That was a smooth merch plug Jared , yeah we have new emails and we also have new merch , Jared is becoming a better SEworldr than Freddy

    Plumbaman13Plumbaman135 dagar sedan
  • "Full-time lockup torque converter" - works every time :)

    Vincent StevensonVincent Stevenson5 dagar sedan
  • This took too long but better late than never😭

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  • Jared...all the Chanel..!

    Konstantinos SpyropoulosKonstantinos Spyropoulos5 dagar sedan
  • (borescope vid) Feb 20 2012 ... cool, my nephews bday! 9yo tomoz

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  • ik this is a Toyota video but.. is that a Honda Beat behind Jared???

    Wonder & WallflowersWonder & Wallflowers5 dagar sedan
  • I like the bye bye at the end it felt honest and was different... i liked it

    Mateo PerezMateo Perez5 dagar sedan
  • Very very stoked to see this build!!!!

    arrowhead hunterarrowhead hunter5 dagar sedan
  • I know "they're not making more of them", but how has nobody started casting import blocks? Where is the DART equivalent?? Seems like printing money, tbh.

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  • Turbo 1uz!!!!

    Rick SanchezRick Sanchez5 dagar sedan
  • Dude I want to see that Honda beat

    Glock magic88Glock magic885 dagar sedan
  • Just a guess... this project will take 2-3 years to finish... just like the other projects you have that we haven't seen the conclusion of it... good luck to a never ending project again

    Dan VillanuevaDan Villanueva5 dagar sedan
  • YEAH BABY! ISF ALL DAY! MAKE THAT OLD LEXUS SCREAM! You need to put an RR-Racing Supercharger on it !

    cpfb68cpfb686 dagar sedan
  • What happened to Andrew? The guy Tavarish started this channel with?

    not2intoutubenot2intoutube6 dagar sedan
  • How am I only finding this channel now considering I'm a long time tavarish subscriber 🤷‍♂️consider me subscribed 🙂

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  • god help us. tav and j resort to facebook fashion sales. honestly i'll be charitable to my own interests.

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  • So is Wrench Every Day going to refuse to acknowledge that Honda Beat, like Hoovie's Z3, for a year?

    Texas0bserverTexas0bserver6 dagar sedan
  • Mk3 supra gang and sc300 gang lol

    DcDc6 dagar sedan
  • You should have done a compression test and leak down test to expect that kind of money for it.

    Carlos SerranoCarlos Serrano6 dagar sedan
  • Can I get a pice of the dog, if I buy the shirt that has the dog on it

    Henrry MejiaHenrry Mejia6 dagar sedan
  • Sh, please stop talking up the IS F! I've been trying to get one since the first time Jared showed his. You're making them more expensive!

    Andrew HershAndrew Hersh6 dagar sedan
  • Sorry but the mkiv is lighter than the mkiii Supra

    Stephen GantStephen Gant6 dagar sedan
  • i give you 5$ if you cover the shipping, just wait few weeks so i can get a loan

    JP VJP V6 dagar sedan
  • Good to see you two ✌️

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