Want To Embarrass A $100,000 Truck Owner At A Car Show? Bring A Homemade, Junkyard LS MUSCLE TRUCK!

28 nov 2020
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Today, Jared takes Johnnie Rev, our mid-engined, Corvette-powered muscle truck to a local car show to see how it stacks up against $100,000 builds.
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  • Looks like the roof and interior need Dinomat sound mats for heat & sound protection for your project, also what about adding Vintage A/C???

    Lawrence EichLawrence EichDag sedan
  • Mary and Jared together managed to chase away my gloom. Nice cars are cool, but nice people are gold.

    noisefuljoynoisefuljoyMånad sedan
  • 10:16 Jared’s story is that he fucked Randy’s wife in that rust bucket

    619guy202619guy202Månad sedan
  • International harvester?

    Ryan BishopRyan BishopMånad sedan
  • Looks like people in Georgia don’t give a shit about wearing a mask! 👍🏼

    Chris SChris SMånad sedan
  • You need to get Freddie a Scout! I’d love to see you restore one at his “shop.”

    Jonathan LawrenceJonathan Lawrence2 månader sedan
  • I want that travel all

    Jug Zom69Jug Zom692 månader sedan
  • 👍👋👋👋😁

    James WeaverJames Weaver2 månader sedan
  • Jared and Mary could be related

    Michael YoungMichael Young2 månader sedan
  • Best Kove advert I’ve seen 😂😂😂

    Chris KChris K2 månader sedan
  • Such a fun build! I love this truck, I love the work put in to it! Great job as always Jared!

    Resurrection MotorsportsResurrection Motorsports2 månader sedan
  • Hi y'all, please could you take a look at my good friend shovelheadffej on his SEworld channel. A really nice guy who makes really nice videos about motorcycles and riding. seworld.info/tv/NMD2Jdyg25Da1AAVkR1iHw.htmlvideos

    The YorkshiremanThe Yorkshireman2 månader sedan
  • Can wrencheveryday talk about air to fuel ratios?

    knightrider1545knightrider15452 månader sedan
  • I am doing this because one of my closest dearest friends Tim who does exactly what you guys do with limited resources and time. Like you he is passionate about cars and knows his Sh!t lets say. I strongly urge everyone to help him out like we would these guys at the drop of a hat. Lets give some love to the mechanics from the north batteling more than just car issues. We fight the cold! I have sent money bought merch because I believe in people who believe in themselves. Please believe :) Heres his stuff hope you enjoy! seworld.info/tv/S52cXhGuVJkw3eOOi1b4jA.html facebook.com/253industries Show some love!!

    Jeffrey BoisvertJeffrey Boisvert2 månader sedan

    Mark WollanderMark Wollander2 månader sedan
  • Jared I 🤔 Tavarish is going to need your help down at site A, to get some content out on time, every lots a bit Helps... 😂

    Hartbeat 860Hartbeat 8602 månader sedan
  • Best ad opening ever, ALN the universal enemy hahahah

    Jordan BabbittJordan Babbitt2 månader sedan
  • Dear Santa for a Scout haha!

    Almost SeriousAlmost Serious2 månader sedan
  • Your cinematography and editing is the best out of all the automotive SEworld channels! Never stop Wrenching Every Day!

    Obalit ShamoonObalit Shamoon2 månader sedan
    • Thanks Obalut! And you’re one of our best subscribers!

      Duane HarmsDuane Harms2 månader sedan
  • What an awesome video. Thank you for sharing.

    SinniSinni2 månader sedan
  • You should put a new wood floor in the bed and keep the patina.

    Willy Bob BillyWilly Bob Billy2 månader sedan
  • Your boi is a legend Fixing his broken rig because you & popping u out of the mud afterwards Best friend material

    New VintageNew Vintage2 månader sedan
  • How come you guys don’t have to wear seat belts?

    ladislav bilyladislav bily2 månader sedan
  • ALN 😂....Jared Sure Does Know how to advertise 😆

    Mustafa KhanMustafa Khan2 månader sedan
  • I'll embarrass you if you leave your wife at my house for a few.

    Paul RobertPaul Robert2 månader sedan
  • What do you call a small group of scouts? A scout camp! What do you call a large group of scouts? A junkyard! I kid, I kid

    CoreyOCoreyO2 månader sedan
  • Great video. Wish I was there. JP, we both have V8 Lexus (GS430) and IH projects (77 SS II.)

    HRM CLE2HRM CLE22 månader sedan
  • Anyone on here a huge international nerd? I have always loved them and came into a running 1974 International 100 with a 392 in it for 2500$. However after market support for this truck is literally nearly nothing from what I’ve found. Kind of trying to order the parts before I go on deployment on the aircraft carrier. Any help would be appreciated!!!

    Robert TaylorRobert Taylor2 månader sedan
    • Plenty of support and parts are out there. BinderPlanet is an old school forum (pre-Failbook). The are bunches of Failbook groups as well. The IH community is wonderful coast to coast. Are you East or West coast? You can PM us (SydneyIHScout) on Facebook so we can have a private conversation. And thank you for your service in the Navy!

      SydneyIHScoutSydneyIHScout2 månader sedan
  • As for the paint. I'd do like a mate clear maybe? Preserve that awesome aged look, but not let the body rot away. Cool cool truck tho, all of those trucks really!

    Micheal RobinsonMicheal Robinson2 månader sedan
  • That is the way to do a sponsorship. Well done there.

    Jim SmithJim Smith2 månader sedan
  • Nice Shirt! Freddie will get jealous and have to top it with his own! Liked seeing all the Internationals. I used to ride around in a friend's Dad's early version Scout back in the 60s.

    Bob PegramBob Pegram2 månader sedan
  • Is there such a thing as a possum that isn't confused?

    zeos386sxzeos386sx2 månader sedan
  • So frikkin cool! Glad to hear Honda Rousey gets some attention

    GribbmanGribbman2 månader sedan
  • Jared. I am so happy to see a (at least mostly) responsible car show during pandemic times. Masks would have been a nice plus, but at least the crowd is small and not heavily grouped up from the shots we see. Lots of way cool trucks here too

    Harley R.Harley R.2 månader sedan
  • Hey Jared, stumbled across this here in Ga. thought i would share........ atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/d/marietta-1972-international-travelall/7230397150.html

    Limited ShedLimited Shed2 månader sedan
  • I am a subscriber and have watched the build from the beginning. Beautiful truck and ride, something that I would love to own...... but....,as the subject line says above, Bad comparison, Apples to Turnips. Before Patina was all the rage, I knew a guy who had a beat up rusted Datsun 240 Z with a 350 LT-1 SB Chevy under the hood, it was the fastest dented and patched piece of 1/4 mile junk in the neighborhood. Being a quiet humbled guy, his bragging rights came solely from others who were impressed by the fact that this guy had no money, very little tools, he didn't own a garage, he traded labor and physical work for all the parts needed for the build and he did all the work by himself while working outside under a tarp in all kinds of weather. I would also point out, I don't know if everything functioned properly on the car but for some reason he never ever blew his horn.

    RockIsland RidesRockIsland Rides2 månader sedan
  • A two-hour trip, open-top in 4 degree weather is the definition of “Questionable Choices”.

    ultrablue2ultrablue22 månader sedan
  • Mary driving Johnny Rev put a big smile on my face! She is the coolest lady officially!

    Ryan MathRyan Math2 månader sedan
  • ALN ? 🤣😂

    Dawie SmutsDawie Smuts2 månader sedan
  • Johnny Rev is a cool truck but it`s ugly AF. Please paint it or at least primer it all one color!

    Sean LinneSean Linne2 månader sedan
  • Re: stuck in the creek, surely USA has heard of Snatch Straps? seworld.info/will/jKSmvcaRf36MtYk/video

    John GreydanusJohn Greydanus2 månader sedan
  • You haven’t been cold until you’ve driven in the winter without doors.

    Larry HarrisLarry Harris2 månader sedan
  • *incredible* *God Bless and God Speed King*

    cubonenineOcubonenineO2 månader sedan
  • Johnny Rev is the shit he gets my vote

    MechnTech BeauMechnTech Beau2 månader sedan
  • Want your own scout? Redcat racing makes a RC model of the international scout 2 for about 300$ USD. Its a great looking rig. I'm surprised no one there has one to play around with a the meet.

    OXYMORON v66OXYMORON v662 månader sedan
  • 16:58 *Doug DeMuro has entered the chat*

    Dennis BirtcherDennis Birtcher2 månader sedan
  • This chanel has become "talking about wrenching everyday".

    J DJ D2 månader sedan
  • Why cant every ad read on youtube be that funny

    PenosarausRexPenosarausRex2 månader sedan
  • International....the vechile with the worst co-efficient of drag in the world...second is the Trabant.😂😂😂

    skeelo69skeelo692 månader sedan
  • Not seen Tavarish for an age...is he okay?.

    skeelo69skeelo692 månader sedan
  • Amazing channel! Love your work! FYI; KOVE’s “Free shipping” is 47$ if you live in Denmark as I do... but I still bought a pair... All those fine words got me curious I guess...

    Henrik SkovHenrik Skov2 månader sedan
  • Best. Segue. EVER. I don't need headphones, but now i want a set of those.

    randomdoodificationrandomdoodification2 månader sedan
  • Just love a build were engines are sqeezed were they were never intended nice one desert elvis

    jason placingjason placing2 månader sedan
  • ok it's official, mary is badass XD

    Josh HustJosh Hust2 månader sedan
  • I agree, don't touch the paint. But the rims are wrong for the look. Would be awesome if you could find some old looking, period correct rims that fit over the new setup.

    Phil SaboPhil Sabo2 månader sedan
  • I love me some Mary! She seems to be a fun lady to hand with!

    Blood,Sweat,and GearsBlood,Sweat,and Gears2 månader sedan
  • He tapped it after the episode you can find the link for that video in the description...

    Mr GMC631Mr GMC6312 månader sedan
  • Good afternoon.... Just wanted to tell you how well of a job you are doing ok this platform.... I really wasn't that interested in this channel until you came along.... Thank you and the editor

    Englewood SurvivorEnglewood Survivor2 månader sedan
    • @Duane Harms keep up the good work.....

      Englewood SurvivorEnglewood Survivor2 månader sedan
    • Thanks Englewood! Glad you’re enjoying the channel.

      Duane HarmsDuane Harms2 månader sedan
  • Back in college, my roommate had an international scout, it broke down all the time, after that I never had any interest in buying one

    Jeff ZekasJeff Zekas2 månader sedan
    • that's like saying your 1st girlfriend didn't put out so your not going to date girls anymore! Maybe he needed a better mechanic.

      joe harrisjoe harris2 månader sedan
  • Mary was so excited about the drive! That's awesome!

    Dennis BradfordDennis Bradford2 månader sedan
    • I had a blast driving and on a two lane road at 95....it was fun!!!

      SydneyIHScoutSydneyIHScout2 månader sedan
  • Not a single mask. Hard pass.

    OsirisOsiris2 månader sedan
  • Great collection of like minded vehicles. 👍

    James BarisitzJames Barisitz2 månader sedan
  • Nice vid thanks Jared :D

    plageranplageran2 månader sedan
  • All that paint job needs is a clear coat.

    Aaron KuchinkaAaron Kuchinka2 månader sedan
  • So if you were to build Marys RHD postal Scout like Johnny where are you going to source a RHD P/S rack? 🤔

    Michael ReynoldsMichael Reynolds2 månader sedan
    • I have one!!

      SydneyIHScoutSydneyIHScout2 månader sedan
  • Loved it.

    ScandalCuracaoScandalCuracao2 månader sedan
  • I saw a travel all in a junkyard in mooresville NC about 9months ago, mostly complete..

    Darren SwailsDarren Swails2 månader sedan
  • God, payed promotions are so cringy🤣

    e46 kide46 kid2 månader sedan
  • the kove ad was great

    Brian KreitnerBrian Kreitner2 månader sedan
  • So many great Internationals! Even the rough ones still look good.

    Eric OrtizEric Ortiz2 månader sedan
  • Keep the International content coming! Maybe a 3rd channel idea?

    tanfoglio40swtanfoglio40sw2 månader sedan
  • I can't tell if you were being serious about those power running boards, was that actually a factory option? It can't be

    11cramm1111cramm112 månader sedan
  • I can't wait to own one 🤘🏽

    Speedy GonzalesSpeedy Gonzales2 månader sedan
  • Johnny Rev gets my vote! What a cool build. Keep up the good work Jared!!

    Car WizardCar Wizard2 månader sedan
    • @BobTheMartin oh, yes, almost forgot that

      Georg ObergfellGeorg Obergfell2 månader sedan
    • Still waiting for Wizzard to Rolls Royce V8 swap something, hehe

      BobTheMartinBobTheMartin2 månader sedan
    • Hello wizard.....I am form Sri Lanka...... Love ❤️ ur. Work.....

      kupatiyakupatiya2 månader sedan
    • Hello Wizard Dazza from Australia always watch your show ps MORE ls400 stuff

      darren micallefdarren micallef2 månader sedan
  • That was a cool video! All those Internationals in one video was awesome Jared. Keep the videos coming because I really love them!

    Dale CainDale Cain2 månader sedan
  • If you do LS Swap that Postal scout, just use aussie steering parts

    KatsunakaKatsunaka2 månader sedan
  • Is it just me that I like it better when J is hosting the video alone rather than together with T?

    Best Pixel RepairBest Pixel Repair2 månader sedan
    • Tavarish doesn’t seem genuine on camera. Over the top for SEworld

      DESERT ALIEN d[ *_* ]bDESERT ALIEN d[ *_* ]b2 månader sedan
  • Huge fan !!! love jhonny rev and doggo (and your ok too)JK lmao but i gotta say y oh y put that GEORGOUS Chevy C10 way back in the corner ( noone puts baby in the corner )

    JaysinJaysin2 månader sedan
    • P.S. love all those Internationals they are awesome btw (just a c10 owner- 69 longhorn ) wrench on !!!!!!

      JaysinJaysin2 månader sedan
  • Don't you guys have Corona in the USA? How can one do a gathering like that in these times

    weedwizzard420xxweedwizzard420xx2 månader sedan
    • Csb 🙄

      E SE S2 månader sedan
    • The Covidiots think it’s not real.

      nick hallnick hall2 månader sedan
    • 100% agree. It is not to waste your fun, but we all have to do some efforts to get rid of Corona!

      Alexandre CoutureAlexandre Couture2 månader sedan
  • This video is a breath of fresh air in a super car saturated youtube.

    Benjamin KambenBenjamin Kamben2 månader sedan
  • That’s awesome. I live in Spartanburg , about 30 minutes outside of Greenville

    Clinton ToneyClinton Toney2 månader sedan
  • Jared... you're one very likable fella.. thank you for these, keep them going.. you're audience will keep getting bigger and bigger... much love and respect from London

    matstamatsta2 månader sedan
  • Mary was the highlight of this video. She's a ball of sunshine and absolutely adorable. You ROCK Mary!

    Very Angry CitizenVery Angry Citizen2 månader sedan
  • Hi jared

    generic screen namegeneric screen name2 månader sedan
  • Jared!!!

    TheBlackestBrianTheBlackestBrian2 månader sedan
  • Mary is young at heart ❤

    RoseOfHizakiRoseOfHizaki2 månader sedan
  • Sorry, but with a ponytail nothing this guy says can be taken seriously. 13:09 Nice truck though.

    Very Angry CitizenVery Angry Citizen2 månader sedan
    • Are you experiencing male pattern baldness?? www.keeps.com

      Old Iron OffroadOld Iron Offroad2 månader sedan
  • can you all just put on a mask please

    Denis FunesDenis Funes2 månader sedan
  • Always cool to see a bunch of Scouts. I was working on the assembly line in Ft. Wayne when the last ones were built. I always wonder how many of the parts I put on them are still there.

    Brian SmartBrian Smart2 månader sedan
  • Never use pretty, prettiest, cute, sweet, etc to describe a guys truck, suv or car - just saying.

    RPM RallysportRPM Rallysport2 månader sedan
    • Ok boomer

      Tom HallTom Hall2 månader sedan
  • That add really cracked me up, ALN 🤣🤣🤣

    Ronald de HaanRonald de Haan2 månader sedan
    • I was about to Google it. LOL. So funny. I love how they work their promotions in.

      Brenna PinkBrenna Pink19 dagar sedan
  • Jareds smile though... keep up the good work and hope all are staying safe. Cheers

    Jordan Trudeau-AdamsJordan Trudeau-Adams2 månader sedan
  • Thanks for sharing this open house and all the great highlights for those of us who couldn’t make it!

    John BarousseJohn Barousse2 månader sedan
  • Mary sounds like a wonderful conversation

    AClockHead103AClockHead1032 månader sedan
  • Hope the tree didn't cause too much damage. Best wishes Jared 👊

    T RantzT Rantz2 månader sedan
  • Needs new wheels

    That FiatThat Fiat2 månader sedan
  • It's kinda cool that you can read the tail gate during the test drive.

    Kevin ReedKevin Reed2 månader sedan
  • Anybody else was really curious about ALN🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Andre LaBeachAndre LaBeach2 månader sedan
  • The shirt should say Wrench Occasionally

    bigdaddy741098bigdaddy7410982 månader sedan
    • And on the back #AlwaysMakeQuestionableChoices

      Gregorious AnomalousGregorious Anomalous2 månader sedan
  • Being from the uk i just wish we had cool trucks... alot of our older cars rusted away so classics are rare

    fozpringle1fozpringle12 månader sedan