Corvette-Powered Junkyard Truck Goes DRAG RACING For The First Time (Complete DISASTER)

25 nov 2020
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Today, Jared takes Johnnie Rev, the mid-engined Corvette-powered muscle truck to the quarter mile drag strip, and it was a complete disaster. I guess that's why they call it "test & tune!"
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  • No one else noticed that the charger turned into a 2011 Mercedes C500?

    Nick HallNick HallMånad sedan
  • At least it's not likely to break if it smokes the tire.

    noisefuljoynoisefuljoyMånad sedan
  • Jared, next time you are driving, download an app like HUD which will enable you to see your speed on the phone screen. All you need is a mount for the phone and you are good to go

    Nyasha Goodangel MatopeNyasha Goodangel MatopeMånad sedan
  • lmao You guys could do better on ice with winter tires, whats with that track?

    Kolin StallmanKolin StallmanMånad sedan
  • yo, where you get that judas priest battery?

    8t1tam8t1tam2 månader sedan
  • Is that a hilux in the background I.e.Toyota

    Frankenstein RacingFrankenstein Racing2 månader sedan
  • Dog - "My fee for this appearance is belly scratchies, get to it hooman."

    Moto NuggetMoto Nugget2 månader sedan
  • That's alot of work for an ugly slow truck

    kday alldaykday allday2 månader sedan
  • Man, this channel is cursed at the drag strip. I couldn't get a good pass in the ST either. Oh well. There are always fart jokes.

    DEADPEDALDEADPEDAL2 månader sedan
  • Um even just calculating a 1.4 60’ no other variables....10 flattish 1/4mi. That’s never going to happen in ole Johnny or that Lexus, sorry boo.

    B ShizzleB Shizzle2 månader sedan
  • Whos channel is this🤔

    Robert KotevskiRobert Kotevski2 månader sedan
  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅

    eric dunlopeeric dunlope2 månader sedan
  • Plenty of room for a single turbi setup:-)

    James GebhardJames Gebhard2 månader sedan
  • Alright! Next steps: -Roll cage -parachute -make it go like Farm Truck -do NOT send it off to paint!

    Remco van VlietRemco van Vliet2 månader sedan
  • should I feel weird that I prefer my antique (read really old ebay find) straight razor to modern ones?

    MalcurMalcur2 månader sedan
  • What a damn youtuber clown. You fucked up that truck modifying it and don't even know how to run a quarter mile!

    Me...Me...2 månader sedan
  • Yeah put a limited slip or something, it's a one wheel wonder.

    Rick RichardsonRick Richardson2 månader sedan
  • I was expecting better, but no locker crap tyres come on get sorted and go back 👍

    Christopher HarbonChristopher Harbon2 månader sedan
  • You need a possey rear end for traction and some soft drag slicks it's to light in as end and needs a drop in rear end to weight the ass down by lowering the ass down but good luck and godbless

    brian meatteybrian meattey2 månader sedan
  • Speedometer phone app.

    Mark UrquidiMark Urquidi2 månader sedan
  • Odd image glitch at 11:21, seems to cut to some other video for a frame and then go back.

    flaaganflaagan2 månader sedan
  • You clearly know nuthing about dragracing a 1.4 60 foot isnt that bad

    Bobby BentleyBobby Bentley2 månader sedan
  • Another ad that leads into a SEworld commercial dumb

    Travis Dragcura Hargiss.Travis Dragcura Hargiss.2 månader sedan
  • Do we really need 5 minutes of advertising razors? Man these companies are getting some cheap advertising! Advert on tv (which no one watches) 100k / SEworldrs with millions of daily views.... few thow... What a world we live in when shilling is ok lmao Next week *Sponsored Dollar Shave Mugs - One wipe charlies*

    Lee FallLee Fall2 månader sedan
  • That V8 truck almost does as good as my Caravan did before the tune. :P

    sienilesienile2 månader sedan
  • Love the truck! You have no rear weight . It looks like you have no transfer at launch . Looks like 70/30...

    Hotwheelbill1Hotwheelbill12 månader sedan
  • Until you have a working speedometer, download a GPS speedometer on your phone. I use DigiHUD.

    D L BD L B2 månader sedan
  • Are you going to put some ballast in the back?

    Jacob MosesJacob Moses2 månader sedan
  • Wait you guys can literally just rock up and race without a helmet with street cars?

    Jacob StofmeelJacob Stofmeel2 månader sedan
    • Most tracks don't require until you're quicker than 14 second

      wainfiggittywainfiggitty2 månader sedan
  • Ahh seeing that white 370z makes me so excited to take delivery of my 370z on the 11th of December lol can't freaking wait!!

    King PlatypusKing Platypus2 månader sedan
  • I'm not buying razors but I just realized, I don't really even know how to shave. As soon as my face sprouted hair, I trimmed it but never started shaving.

    josh bishopjosh bishop2 månader sedan
  • Do you have an open diff on your rear end?

    Matthew CaseyMatthew Casey2 månader sedan
  • Yes you had bad tires shame on you.You should think about some bridge stones pontenza RE-71R👍

    Jim Mopar4Jim Mopar42 månader sedan
  • That truck needs 200pounds of old concrete bags against the tailgate!

    TheBibliofilusTheBibliofilus2 månader sedan
  • Treadwear on street-tires are often way up high, meaning the higher number the lesser grip. Low (no) budget tires are more of a rock than rubber. Some old mud and snow (not mud and sand) would increase grip to a not so embarrasing 1/4 time

    Vinko FranicicVinko Franicic2 månader sedan
  • Need LSD, the truck not you, and I'm not talking about drugs.....

    Chuck WhitsonChuck Whitson2 månader sedan
  • Just ran out of patients had to skip a few times to see if there was anything good But gave up halfway don't think I missed anything

    auzzi pepperauzzi pepper2 månader sedan
  • Om vaccin och dess biverknigar och döljandet av dessa. Från tillverkarna till media (SVT) och övriga oärliga förfuskare. Denna video är tyvärr på 3 tim men varje minut är värd sitt innehåll. Ang. läkemedelssverket, och andra myndigheters förhållande till Bigfarma finns även med. Myndigheter styrs via DC av So(Na)sse-partiet i Sverige. Att Sveriges riksdag och därmed Sveriges regering lyder helt eller delvis under DS, har vi förstått de senaste decenia. Hur är det med SVT? Officiellt är de "oberoende" men finansieras via vår skattsedel????? SVT/Sverige =/----> DS ? Carl Norberg föreläser om sambanden inom och vad "djupa staten" DS är. Lars som önskar er alla SHALOM (Ge Fre på jamska, Guds Frid)

    Larsnas KristensonLarsnas Kristenson2 månader sedan
  • Jarrod. Use Waze it will give you your current speed.

    Kevin KeslerKevin Kesler2 månader sedan
  • I love the shout out to Wade!! Wade Rich is the man.. he always has our home track BMP ON kill...

    Dogshitsniffer!Dogshitsniffer!2 månader sedan
  • Were the cars with slicks spinning too sounds like bad prep if so

    Bailey NorthBailey North2 månader sedan
  • Die Hard, it's a Christmas battery, change my mind

    Allen LAllen L2 månader sedan
  • Looks like that track that night was using a cone to offset cars out of the "groove". Saves track prep for them as street tires kinda chew up the track. Might explain traction issues for everyone.

    Adam TrudeauAdam Trudeau2 månader sedan
  • If you ask Jared: between the McLaren and Johnny Rev, which one is the harder build, he will tell you "By far JOHNNY REV". How do I know? He told me.

    Tripp RogersTripp Rogers2 månader sedan
  • I think you should put 5th gen Camaro back end with the suspension and remove the old crappy international differential.

    اواب علي جابراواب علي جابر2 månader sedan
  • Normally people clean their windshields...

    Philip ChandlerPhilip Chandler2 månader sedan
  • dry burn out and lower tire presser

    terry kelsayterry kelsay2 månader sedan
  • Man I wish tavarish would upload today

    I taint mistakenI taint mistaken3 månader sedan
  • Wait, what’s your dogs name????

    Vasko VeloffVasko Veloff3 månader sedan
    • Ok, thought I heard my name

      Vasko VeloffVasko Veloff2 månader sedan
    • That’s Randy’s dog, Boscoe, from GRC. Jared’s dog is Pyrrha.

      Duane HarmsDuane Harms2 månader sedan
  • You are starting the drag race with a weight penalty already.

    scottibassscottibass3 månader sedan
  • Some sticky Tires would help

    short vidzshort vidz3 månader sedan
  • Ya know what they say... A peg-leg rear end is the best way to get 6cyl performance outta a V8!

    Kurt BarrettKurt Barrett3 månader sedan
  • Are you going to try to faux blend in that fender and hood to the rest of the truck??

    Darren SwailsDarren Swails3 månader sedan
  • Need lsd and drag radials, wrong set up for the strip.

    Scooby blueScooby blue3 månader sedan
  • Theres so many cool 4wd things in the background. Any plans on a crawler or offroad build in the future?

    mfnJOSHmfnJOSH3 månader sedan
  • 1.3 60 is what my car runs. Street tire don't work on track prep. R888 would help out a lot.

    Gojira1Gojira13 månader sedan
  • Had to FF thru the sped up driving portion because it was kicking up my motion sickness only puked once. Way too much talking / making excuses for low performance but hey the truck is cool as is.

    richard Turkrichard Turk3 månader sedan
  • Nice c8 spotted in the background!

    Joe schmoeJoe schmoe3 månader sedan
  • What Lexus of theirs got totaled

    jake tynanjake tynan3 månader sedan
  • A lsd and dropping tyre pressures would help even better get some drag racing tyres also track prep and street tyres dont work together

    Jason FaulknerJason Faulkner3 månader sedan
  • You would be lucky to run a 1.8 60ft with a high 15s vehicle.

    Budget Performance CarsBudget Performance Cars3 månader sedan
  • Hmm I guess get some traction bars, and some bigger rear tires are next on the build list.

    Kavinsky SmithKavinsky Smith3 månader sedan
  • It's an International Harvester. It doesn't know how to act without 2 100 lb. bags of feed in the back.

    falstar2020falstar20203 månader sedan
  • HUD app.

    kwiebuschkwiebusch3 månader sedan
  • U know what, i absolutely hate the fancy car beating on the drag race and had been begging u to to fill that huge gap under the hood by a blower or two mega turbos or whatever... Its a Corvette engine but not in a Corvette body! Its a truck! Power to weight ratio, and to be a winner dragger not just a dragger, YOU NEED POWER, BRO!

    Blaq DevalBlaq Deval3 månader sedan
  • In Europe racing includes curves ;)

    Jyrki JyraysJyrki Jyrays3 månader sedan
  • The Jetta's battery lives on!

    gebendorfgebendorf3 månader sedan
  • suspension tweaks and an lsd is what you need

    aae42aae423 månader sedan
  • Can we please get some more of Freddie’s Lexus

    ryan payneryan payne3 månader sedan
  • They let you run on a track without a helmet?

    Michael DayMichael Day3 månader sedan
  • Since we haven’t had some proper earl video’s for a while, are we getting a week of earl leaker video’s?

    big bbig b3 månader sedan
  • How could you not pet that belly when the dog rolled over? You monster.

    EricJ0hanssonEricJ0hansson3 månader sedan
  • You didn't drop tire pressure at all?

    Bill HooperBill Hooper3 månader sedan
  • Open diff and no weight in the rear. same traction issue I have lol

    Chris BraunChris Braun3 månader sedan
  • Should have used the Corvette engine

    Cracker InterprisesCracker Interprises3 månader sedan
  • And maybe 3 or 4 bags of cement to help with the traction

    David BarnsleyDavid Barnsley3 månader sedan
  • I think you need a limited slip diff and bigger tyres on the back And then it’s a goer 😍😍👍👍

    David BarnsleyDavid Barnsley3 månader sedan
  • Your 60ft estimates are but bit skewed towards high power slick cars. 1.7 would be a damn good street tire 60 ft.

    RJRJ3 månader sedan
  • Maybe a little bit more weight on the back and a welded diff would help ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Ztrewq88Ztrewq883 månader sedan
    • A "welded diff" is no answer for a street car. They could not do anything worse.

      Paul CopelandPaul Copeland2 månader sedan
  • You don't have much weight over tires, that could be part of it. When you do hook up that when things can go bad too though drive train wise

    Sooper GamingSooper Gaming3 månader sedan
  • Tires make a huge difference. I like the under go 18’s and better tires.

    KingKicker CraigKingKicker Craig3 månader sedan
  • How about putting some weight in the bed?

    Ron PorterRon Porter3 månader sedan
  • throw some bags of concrete in the back

    Simon ScottSimon Scott3 månader sedan
  • I might be outvoted, but could you get some rims that look period correct? Those rims look great but not on that truck in my opinion.

    Deat GamingDeat Gaming3 månader sedan
  • Wreck it Ralp definitely needs to use Harry's

    Beasty18c5Beasty18c53 månader sedan
  • I just got my Harry’s order completed thanks Jared I only paid $3.23 for my first order and $15 every 5 months!

    DAILYDRIVENE39 03DAILYDRIVENE39 033 månader sedan
    • Good for you DailyDrive! You’ll not be disappointed. Promise :)

      Duane HarmsDuane Harms3 månader sedan
  • Yay!

    Straight Line CyclesStraight Line Cycles3 månader sedan
  • Remember Freddy?

    drumboarder1drumboarder13 månader sedan
  • To skip all adds fast forward to last second of video and go back to beginning no more adds

    tony Manchestertony Manchester3 månader sedan
  • garbage

    Me 2Me 23 månader sedan
  • Shoulda dropped some weight over the axle .... or rear mount the engine an stick a wheelie bar on lol

    Mick RoseMick Rose3 månader sedan
  • Does it pay better to devote so much time in your videos for the sponsors and the fact that you personalized it? Most of the other channels I watch say a few words about theirs and move on.

    bmh67wabmh67wa3 månader sedan
  • Take slow cars to the track? You mean, like my '63 Citroen 2CV, with a whopping 18 ground pounding horsepower?

    Bill HBill H3 månader sedan
  • Really looking forward to meaty tires and diff locker. Maybe even a camper top for aero and weight. #farmtruck.

    Brandon MillerBrandon Miller3 månader sedan
  • Never doubt your ability to make questionable tyre choices.....

    VogsVogs3 månader sedan
  • Atlanta NEVER preps the track for non NHRA events...

    Lance SimpsonLance Simpson3 månader sedan
  • Time for a torsen diff

    james himselfjames himself3 månader sedan
  • I can actually endorse Harry's as a user. Blades are all kinds of decent.

    Johnny NimbleJohnny Nimble3 månader sedan
    • @webfreakz Sure

      Johnny NimbleJohnny Nimble3 månader sedan
    • @Johnny Nimble just curious :D

      webfreakzwebfreakz3 månader sedan
    • @webfreakz lol

      Johnny NimbleJohnny Nimble3 månader sedan
    • I got a big box (at a discount) of 120 blades of Wilkinson Sword Quattro. How are those Harry's better?

      webfreakzwebfreakz3 månader sedan
  • Honestly I feel like you just need more weight in the back. All of the weight is in the front which is causing the rear wheel to slip

    PersonPerson3 månader sedan
    • thats a 1970 truck, it's got plenty over the back axle. it was a slick condition, because even cars with good axles and tires were slipping. he mentions that in the video, that other cars were also spinning a lot.

      Josh HustJosh Hust3 månader sedan
  • Great video Jared 👍 I had one of those GS430's once and it was just dangerous to drive in rain or cold, skidded right of the road @50 miles/h into oncoming traffic 😳

    Duncan DonovanDuncan Donovan3 månader sedan